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Empirical likelihood for mean functional/hazard functional with possibly censored data.


Empirical likelihood ratio tests and confidence intervals for means/hazards from possibly censored and/or truncated data. Now does regression too. The package contains some C code.


Package: emplik
Type: Package
Version: 1.1-0
Date: 2020-05-18
License: GPL (>= 2)

For non-censored data and mean parameters, use el.test( ).

For censored data and mean parameters, use el.cen.EM2( ).

For censored data and hazard parameter, use emplikH1.test( ) [Poisson type likelihood]; use emplikH.disc( ) [binomial type likelihood].

For constructing confidence interval, use findUL( ).


Mai Zhou (el.test is adapted from Owen's splus code. Yifan Yang for some C code.)

Maintainer: Mai Zhou <mai@ms.uky.edu> <maizhou@gmail.com>


Zhou, M. (2016). Empirical Likelihood Method in Survival Analysis. (Chapman and Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series) CRC press 2016

See Also

Another R package kmc for possible faster result for testing of mean with right censored data.

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