set_rcrds {edibble}R Documentation

Set records for given unit


This function creates new nodes to edibble graph with the name corresponding to either the intended response that will be measured or a variable to be recorded. Avoid record names staring with a "." as these are reserved for other purposes downstream.


  .name_repair = c("check_unique", "unique", "universal", "minimal"),
  .record = TRUE

set_rcrds_of(.edibble, ...)



An edibble design (edbl_design), an edibble data frame (edbl_table) or an object that contains the edibble data frame in the attribute design.


Name-value pair. The value should correspond to a single name of the unit defined in set_units. The name should be the name of the record variable.


Same as the argument in tibble::tibble().


A logical value. This indicates whether to record this code step. The default is TRUE. It should remain TRUE unless this function is used as a wrapper in other code.


An edibble design.

See Also

Other user-facing functions: allot_trts(), allot_units(), design(), expect_rcrds(), export_design(), serve_table(), set_trts(), set_units()


takeout(menu_crd(t = 4, n = 10)) %>%
  set_rcrds(y = unit)

takeout(menu_crd(t = 4, n = 10)) %>%
  set_rcrds_of(unit = "y")

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