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Serve edibble table


This converts an edibble graph object to a data frame called edibble. This function should be used when the design is in the final form (or close to the final form). The table can only be formed when the variables can be reconciled, otherwise it will be a data frame with zero rows.


  use_labels = FALSE,
  fail = c("error", "warn", "ignore"),
  .record = TRUE



An edibble design (edbl_design), an edibble data frame (edbl_table) or an object that contains the edibble data frame in the attribute design.


To show the labels instead of names.


What to do when failing to convert graph to table.


A logical value. This indicates whether to record this code step. The default is TRUE. It should remain TRUE unless this function is used as a wrapper in other code.


An edbl data frame with columns defined by vertices and rows displayed only if the vertices are connected and reconcile for output.

See Also

Other user-facing functions: allot_trts(), allot_units(), design(), expect_rcrds(), export_design(), set_rcrds(), set_trts(), set_units()


design("Completely Randomised Design") %>%
  set_units(unit = 28) %>%
  set_trts(trt = 6) %>%
  allot_trts(trt ~ unit) %>%
  assign_trts("random", seed = 521) %>%

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