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Adult RXC/HCC Interaction Factors - Table 9


A dataset containing the adult model RXC/HCC interaction factors for the risk adjustment model. Some HCCs have built-in risk for the associated drugs, so if a member has both the diagnosis and the drug, their risk is overstated. Other drugs combined with conditions indicate a greater severity than either the drug or the condition alone, so risk is understated. The RXC/HCC interaction factors make these adjustments.




An object of class tbl_df (inherits from tbl, data.frame) with 32 rows and 8 columns


Whether or not the category is used in the RA model

plat, gold, silver, bronze, cat

HCC grouping risk score for each metal level


RXC label for risk scores (Includes leading zeroes)


HCC label for risk scores (Includes leading zeroes)


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