plot.eba {eba}R Documentation

Diagnostic Plot for EBA Models


Plots elimination-by-aspects (EBA) model residuals against fitted values.


## S3 method for class 'eba'
plot(x, xlab = "Predicted choice probabilities",
     ylab = "Deviance residuals", ...)



an object of class eba, typically the result of a call to eba

xlab, ylab, ...

graphical parameters passed to plot.


The deviance residuals are plotted against the predicted choice probabilities for the upper triangle of the paired-comparison matrix.

See Also

eba, residuals.eba.


## Compare two choice models

data(celebrities)                     # absolute choice frequencies
btl1 <- eba(celebrities)              # fit Bradley-Terry-Luce model
A <- list(c(1,10), c(2,10), c(3,10),
          c(4,11), c(5,11), c(6,11),
          c(7,12), c(8,12), c(9,12))  # the structure of aspects
eba1 <- eba(celebrities, A)           # fit elimination-by-aspects model
anova(btl1, eba1)                     # model comparison based on likelihoods

par(mfrow = 1:2)                      # residuals versus fitted values
plot(btl1, main = "BTL", ylim = c(-4, 4.5))  # BTL doesn't fit well
plot(eba1, main = "EBA", ylim = c(-4, 4.5))  # EBA fits better

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