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Report Skipgram Frequency


Measures the frequency of skipgrams (non-contiguous words in free text), reported in a tibble. Frequency is reported as both counts and percentages.


skipgram_freq(skipgram_tokens, min_freq = 1)



Output of skipgram_identify.


Minimum skipgram percentage frequency of occurrence to retain. Default = 1.


Data frame containing frequency of skipgrams in absolute count and relative to the length of input variable.


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See Also

Principle underlying function: tokens_ngrams

Other free text functions: extract_freetext(), skipgram_append(), skipgram_identify()


toks_m <- skipgram_identify(x = example_data$free_text,
                            ids = example_data$patient_id,
                            max_interrupt_words = 5)
skipgram_freq(toks_m, min_freq = 0.5)

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