ExamplePhenoData {eGST}R Documentation

An example of phenotype data.


ExamplePhenoData is a simulated vector of phenotype for 1000 individuals. In this simulated example dataset, we have considered two tissues and corresponding sets of 100 tissue-specific eQTLs each. First half of 1000 individuals' phenotypes were simulated to have genetic effect from the first tissue specific eQTLs, but no effect from the second tissue-specific eQTLs. Hence first 500 individuals were assigned to the first tissue. Similarly, second half of the 1000 individuals were simulated to have genetic effect from the second-tissue specific eQTLs and hence they were assigned to the second tissue.




A numeric vector of length 1000 containing the phenotype data of 1000 individuals.


pheno <- ExamplePhenoData

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