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Default list of parameters to control the graphical output during model simulation and via disp.output


list of parameters to control the graphical output during model simulation. Parameters with names corresponding to the graphical parameters returned by par() will be applied to the plot.





Further named arguments supplied will overwrite default values


List of parameters with default values. These include: Whether to show graphic output. Default TRUE graphics.window.length Width of display window in hours. Default is 120 days. graphics.interval Interval between refreshing the graphical output, in hours. max.q Max discharge (mm/hr) for display max.rain numeric Max rainfall (mm/hr) for display lwd.rain numeric Line size for rainfall plot int.q Interval between ticks / line on the y axis, in mm/hr int.time Period between ticks on the time axis, a numerical value in hours or one of "day", "week", "month" prop Proportion of screen occupied by the rainfall hyteograph cex Overall scaling factor of the plot las.time Alignment of time axis labels xmar Size of margin on right and left of plot, inches ymar Size of margin above and below plot col Colours for plot lines: in order, simulated values, observed values


In this version many of the options are now obsolete. The most relevant are and graphics.interval.


Peter Metcalfe


# Enable graphics output and set display interval to 6 hours
par <- get.disp.par(,

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