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Topographic and observation data for running Dynamic TOPMODEL.


Brompton is a small agricultural catchment in N.Yorkshire, UK. Its eastern edges rise in the North Yorks Moors and it drains southwards, becoming North Beck before joining the Wiske in Northallerton.

In the late 19th century the area upstream of Water End was drained and turned over to arable cultivation and has since suffered from infrequent, but severe, flooding due to intense rainfall from weather systems moving in from the North Sea.The last event hat flooded the village was in November 2012; flooding was narrowly avoided in the storms of December 2015 and in a convective event in July 2017.

The catchment exhibits high land-channel connectivity due to heavily-modified natural channels and extensive artificial drainage, both surface and subsurface. It has a homogenous land cover, with almost all its area comprising class 1 arable grassland and crops. The terrain is undulating with slightly acid, base-rich loam and clay soils predominating. Distances from the channel appear to exert most influence over the catchment response. It is hypothesised that this is due to the influence of the field drainage.




An environment comprising the DEM, river network, observed flows from stage data reconstructed at the EA gauge at Water End, and hydrometric (rainfall and pe) necessary to run the model.


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Metcalfe, P., Beven, K., Hankin, B., & Lamb, R. (2017). A modelling framework for evaluation of the hydrological impacts of nature-based approaches to flood risk management, with application to in-channel interventions across a 29 km^2 scale catchment in the United Kingdom. Hydrological Processes, 31(9), 1734-1748.

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