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Analysis panel (English)


Analysis Options panel. Allows you to set the conditions under which biplot analysis is performed.


Contains indicators Centered, Scaled and, if it is a data cube, there is a standardized indicator using the values Over #way. By default, it is marked centered, scaled and #way 1.

Biplot Analysis:

Exclusionary selection of analysis HJ-Biplot, GH-Biplot, JK-Biplot. By default, it is marked HJ-Biplot.


Unfolds in order to select the number of Axes, axes for the Plane to draw, and the Show axes indicator, which is activated by default.

Graph options:

Allows indicating if it is wanted to show Labels for rows and for columns in the chart, by default, both are activated. It is allowed selecting the points to be showed in the graph as the amount of Inertia rows and Inertia columns accumulated in the plane.


This section shows if we are trying a data cube.

General buttons

In the main program window some components are permanently visible.

See Also

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