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Dynamic Biplot


Full graphical interface to solve Dynamic Biplot, classic Biplot and HJ-Biplot. Try matrices of 2-way and 3-way. The GUI can be run in multiple languages.


dynBiplot(lang = "es")



"es" - Spanish, "en" - English, "fr" - French, "pt" - Portuguese.


The program guides the user through four phases:
1- Load data (mandatory). From CSV files, txt files, objects R, clipboard or SPSS. Try matrices of 2-way and 3-way.
2- Data format (optional).
3- Selection of variables and individuals for biplot graphics.
4- Selecting Options for the chart. If 3-way data, options for trajectories.

Interpreting the HJ-Biplot graphic

The HJ-Biplot method is based on simple geometric concepts. Below those basic interpretational rules are presented:

(i) the distances among row markers are interpreted as an inverse function of similarities, in such a way that closer markers (objects) are more similar;

(ii) the lengths of the column markers (vectors) approximate the standard deviation of the variables;

(iii) the cosines of the angles among the column vectors approximate the correlations among variables in such a way that small acute angles are associated with variables with high positive correlations; obtuse angles near to the straight angle are associated with variables with high negative correlations and right angles are associated with non-correlated variables. In the same way, the cosines of the angles among the variable markers and the axes (Principal Components) approximate the correlations between them;

(iv) the order of the orthogonal projections of the row markers (points) onto a column marker (vector) approximates the order of the row elements (values) in that column.


Jaime Egido <jegido@usal.es>


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Egido, J; Galindo, M. P. (2015) Biplot Dinamico. http://hdl.handle.net/10366/125245



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