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Documentation for package ‘dstack’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

auto_handler Handle Object Types Automatically
commit Commit Data to Stack Frame
configure Configure 'dstack'
create_frame Create a New Frame in Stack
dataframe_handler Handle 'data.frame' Objects
datatable_handler Handle 'data.table' Objects
ggplot_handler Handles 'ggplot2' Objects
in_place_config In-Place Configuration
is.datatable Check That Specified Object is 'data.table' Object
is.ggplot2 Check That Specified Object is 'ggplot2' Chart
is.plotly Check That Specified Object is '' Chart
json_protocol JSON Protocol Implementation to Connect API Server
list_profiles List Profiles
plotly_handler Handle '' Charts
pull Pull data object from stack frame (head) which matches specified parameters.
push Push All Commits to Server
push_frame Creates a Frame, Commits and Pushes Data in a Single Operation
use_config Use Specified Configuration
yaml_config YAML-based Configuration