Distributional Stochastic Frontier Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘dsfa’ version 2.0.2

Help Pages

BurkinaFarms BurkinaFarms
BurkinaFarms_polys BurkinaFarms_polys
cdf2quantile Inverse cumulative distribution function
chainrule Chainrule
comper comper
comper_mv comper
cop cop
dcomper Composed-Error distribution
dcomper_mv Multivariate Composed-Error distribution
dcop Copula function
delta_bounds Bounds of Copula Parameter delta
derivs_transform derivs_transform
differencerule Differencerule
dnormexp Normal-Exponential distribution
dnormhnorm Normal-halfnormal distribution
dsfa dsfa-package: Distributional Stochastic Frontier Analysis
efficiency efficiency
elasticity elasticity
ind2joint Independent to joint function
list2derivs list2derivs
manuf NBER-CES Manufacturing Dairy Data
mom2par Moments to Parameters
normexp Normal-Exponential distribution
normhnorm Normal-halfnormal distribution
par2mom Parameter to Moments
pcomper Composed-Error distribution
pcomper_mv Multivariate Composed-Error distribution
pcop Copula function
pnormexp Normal-Exponential distribution
pnormhnorm Normal-halfnormal distribution
productrule Productrule
qcomper Composed-Error distribution
qnormexp Normal-Exponential distribution
qnormhnorm Normal-halfnormal distribution
quotientrule Quotientrule
rcomper Composed-Error distribution
rcomper_mv Multivariate Composed-Error distribution
rcop Copula function
rnormexp Normal-Exponential distribution
rnormhnorm Normal-halfnormal distribution
sumrule Sumrule
transform transform
trind trind function
trind_generator Trind_generator function