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Balance a state space model


Balance a state space model a la Mittnik.


    balanceMittnik(model, n=NULL)
    SVDbalanceMittnik(M, m, n=NULL)



An TSmodel object.


a matrix. See details in MittnikReduction.


an integer indicating the number of input series in the model.


see details


balanceMittnik calculate a state space model balance a la Mittnik. n is intended primarily for producing a state space model from the markov parameters of an ARMA model, but if it is supplied with an SS model the result will be a model with state dimension n based on the n largest singular values of the svd of a Hankel matrix of markov parameters generated by the original model. If n is not supplied then the singular values are printed and the program prompts for n. balanceMittnik calls SVDbalanceMittnik

SVDbalanceMittnik calculates a nested-balanced state space model by svd a la Mittnik. If state dim n is supplied then svd criteria are not calculated and the given n is used. Otherwise, the singular values are printed and the program prompts for n. M is a matrix with p x (m+p) blocks giving the markov parameters, that is, the first row of the Hankel matrix. It can be generated from the model as in the function markovParms, or from the data, as in the function estSSMittnik. m is the dimension of input series, which is needed to decompose M. The output dimension p is taken from nrow(M).

See also MittnikReduction and references.


A state space model in a TSestModel object.


See references for MittnikReduction.

See Also

estVARXls, estVARXar MittnikReduction


    data("", package="dse")
    model <- toSS(TSmodel(estVARXls(
    # this prints information about singular values and prompts with
    #Enter the number of singular values to use for balanced model:
    newmodel <-balanceMittnik(model)
    # 18 might be a good choice in this example. 
    newmodel <-balanceMittnik(model, n=18)

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