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Time Series Models


Construct or extract a "TSmodel" from objects.


    TSmodel(obj, ...)
    ## S3 method for class 'TSmodel'
TSmodel(obj, ...)
    ## S3 method for class 'TSestModel'
TSmodel(obj, ...)



An object containing an object of class TSmodel or a list containing the information necessary to build an object of class TSmodel.


arguments passed to other methods.


This is a generic method which will extract a TSmodel from an object (e.g. a TSestModel. The default method will try to build an ARMA or state-space TSmodel from a list, which must contain the necessary information.

This class of objects is returned by estimation methods or can be built according to the description for specific sub-classes (e.g. ARMA, SS).

The TSmodel class of objects has methods for the generic functions print, testEqual, seriesNames, seriesNamesInput, seriesNamesOutput, l, roots, stability, forecast, featherForecasts, horizonForecasts, simulate, MonteCarloSimulations

Also, the function is.TSmodel and the functions toSS, toARMA, to.troll are supported. Other model classes inherit from the class TSmodel.

This class of objects contains a time series model. It is the class of objects expected by many of the functions in this package.

Sub-class (e.g. ARMA and SS for linear, time-invariant ARMA and state space models.) are documented individually. Many of the functions in this package are designed for estimating and converting among various representations of these types of models.

See Also

ARMA, SS, TSestModel, TSdata

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