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time series data object


Class TSdata of time series data objects for use with TSmodels.


This class of objects is returned by specific methods of the function TSdata or can be built according to the description below.


The TSdata class of objects has methods for the generic functions print, plot, start, end, ..., testEqual, seriesNames, seriesNamesInput, seriesNamesOutput Also, the function is.TSdata is supported.


Other data classes inherit from the class TSdata.


Objects are a list with class the most general class TSdata. The native form for this package has elements input and output. Any other elements are ignored. input and output are matrices (or tframe or time series matrices) of the input and output data, with each series in a column. It is possible to populate this structure directly from a time series database. See the TSdbi package for more details.

See Also

TSdata, TSmodel, TSestModel.object

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