loglogistic5_fn {drda}R Documentation

5-parameter log-logistic function


Evaluate at a particular set of parameters the 5-parameter log-logistic function.


loglogistic5_fn(x, theta)



numeric vector at which the function is to be evaluated.


numeric vector with the five parameters in the form c(alpha, delta, eta, phi, nu).


The 5-parameter log-logistic function ⁠f(x; theta)⁠ is defined here as

⁠g(x; theta) = (x^eta / (x^eta + nu * phi^eta))^(1 / nu)⁠ ⁠f(x; theta) = alpha + delta g(x; theta)⁠

where x >= 0, theta = c(alpha, delta, eta, phi, nu), eta > 0, phi > 0, and nu > 0.

Parameter alpha is the value of the function when x = 0. Parameter delta is the (signed) height of the curve. Parameter eta represents the steepness (growth rate) of the curve. Parameter phi is related to the mid-value of the function. Parameter nu affects near which asymptote maximum growth occurs.


Numeric vector of the same length of x with the values of the log-logistic function.

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