plot.doremi {doremi}R Documentation

S3 method to plot DOREMI objects


plot.doremi generates a plot with the observed values of the signal, the excitation values and the fitted signal over time for each individual.


## S3 method for class 'doremi'
plot(x, ..., id = NULL)



DOREMI object resulting from analyze.1order or analyze.2order analysis


includes the additional arguments inherited from the generic plot method


Identifiers of the individuals to be represented in the plot. By default, it will print the first six individuals.


Returns a plot with axis labels, legend and title. The axis labels and legend include the names of the variables set as input arguments. The title includes the name of the DOREMI object result of the analysis. The function uses ggplot to generate the graphs and so it is possible to override the values of axis labels, legend and title through ggplot commands.


mydata <- generate.panel.1order(time= 0:100,
                                excitation = sin(0:100),
                                y0 = 0,
                                t0 = 0,
                                tau = 2,
                                k = 1,
                                yeq = 0,
                                nind = 2,
                                internoise = 0.1,
                                intranoise = 8)
myresult <- analyze.1order(data = mydata,
                           id = "id",
                           input = "excitation",
                           time = "time",
                           signal = "signal")

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