Differential Network Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘dna’ version 2.1-2

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cornet Correlation network
gennet General Regression network
get.common.networks Method for Function 'get.common.networks'
get.common.networks,pairOfNetworks Method for Function 'get.common.networks'
get.common.networks-method Class '"pairOfNetworks"'
get.common.networks-modules Method for Function 'get.common.networks'
get.modules Methods for Function 'get.modules'
get.modules,modules Methods for Function 'get.modules'
get.modules-method Class '"modules"'
get.modules-methods Methods for Function 'get.modules'
get.network1 Method for Function 'get.network1'
get.network1,pairOfNetworks Method for Function 'get.network1'
get.network1-method Class '"pairOfNetworks"'
get.network1-methods Method for Function 'get.network1'
get.network2 Method for Function 'get.network2'
get.network2,pairOfNetworks Method for Function 'get.network2'
get.network2-method Class '"pairOfNetworks"'
get.network2-methods Method for Function 'get.network2'
get.results Method for Function 'get.results'
get.results,resultsClassTest Method for Function 'get.results'
get.results,resultsIndTest Method for Function 'get.results'
get.results,resultsModTest Method for Function 'get.results'
get.results-method Class '"resultsClassTest"'
get.results-method Class '"resultsIndTest"'
get.results-method Class '"resultsModTest"'
get.results-methods Method for Function 'get.results'
HeavyMice Heavy Mice Dataset.
LeanMice Lean Mice Dataset.
modules-class Class '"modules"'
network.modules Determine modules for network
pairOfNetworks-class Class '"pairOfNetworks"'
PCnet Principal Components network
PLSnet Partial Least Squares network
resultsClassTest-class Class '"resultsClassTest"'
resultsIndTest-class Class '"resultsIndTest"'
resultsModTest-class Class '"resultsModTest"'
RRnet Ridge Regression network
show-method Class '"modules"'
show-method Class '"pairOfNetworks"'
show-method Class '"resultsClassTest"'
show-method Class '"resultsIndTest"'
show-method Class '"resultsModTest"'
summary Methods for Function 'summary'
summary,modules Methods for Function 'summary'
summary,resultsIndTest Methods for Function 'summary'
summary,resultsModTest Methods for Function 'summary'
summary-method Class '"modules"'
summary-method Class '"resultsIndTest"'
summary-method Class '"resultsModTest"'
summary-methods Methods for Function 'summary'
test.class.genes Test for differential connectivity of a class of genes
test.individual.genes Test for differential connectivity of individual genes
test.modular.structure Test for differential modular structures