variance {distributions3}R Documentation

Compute the moments of a probability distribution


Generic functions for computing moments (variance, skewness, excess kurtosis) from probability distributions.


variance(x, ...)

skewness(x, ...)

kurtosis(x, ...)



An object. The package provides methods for distribution objects such as those from Normal() or Binomial() etc.


Arguments passed to methods. Unevaluated arguments will generate a warning to catch mispellings or other possible errors.


The functions variance, skewness, and kurtosis are new generic functions for computing moments of probability distributions such as those provided in this package. Additionally, the probability distributions from distributions3 all have methods for the mean generic. Moreover, quantiles can be computed with methods for quantile. For examples illustrating the usage with probability distribution objects, see the manual pages of the respective distributions, e.g., Normal or Binomial etc.


Numeric vector with the values of the moments.

See Also

mean, quantile, cdf, random

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