quantile.ZINegativeBinomial {distributions3}R Documentation

Determine quantiles of a zero-inflated negative binomial distribution


quantile() is the inverse of cdf().


## S3 method for class 'ZINegativeBinomial'
quantile(x, probs, drop = TRUE, elementwise = NULL, ...)



A ZINegativeBinomial object created by a call to ZINegativeBinomial().


A vector of probabilities.


logical. Should the result be simplified to a vector if possible?


logical. Should each distribution in x be evaluated at all elements of probs (elementwise = FALSE, yielding a matrix)? Or, if x and probs have the same length, should the evaluation be done element by element (elementwise = TRUE, yielding a vector)? The default of NULL means that elementwise = TRUE is used if the lengths match and otherwise elementwise = FALSE is used.


Arguments to be passed to qzinbinom. Unevaluated arguments will generate a warning to catch mispellings or other possible errors.


In case of a single distribution object, either a numeric vector of length probs (if drop = TRUE, default) or a matrix with length(probs) columns (if drop = FALSE). In case of a vectorized distribution object, a matrix with length(probs) columns containing all possible combinations.


## set up a zero-inflated negative binomial distribution
X <- ZINegativeBinomial(mu = 2.5, theta = 1, pi = 0.25)

## standard functions
pdf(X, 0:8)
cdf(X, 0:8)
quantile(X, seq(0, 1, by = 0.25))

## cdf() and quantile() are inverses for each other
quantile(X, cdf(X, 3))

## density visualization
plot(0:8, pdf(X, 0:8), type = "h", lwd = 2)

## corresponding sample with histogram of empirical frequencies
x <- random(X, 500)
hist(x, breaks = -1:max(x) + 0.5)

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