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Methods for Function plot in Package ‘distrTEst’




An S3 object of class c("plotInfo","DiagnInfo"), i.e., a list containing the information needed to produce the respective plot, which at a later stage could be used by different graphic engines (like, e.g. ggplot) to produce the plot in a different framework. A more detailed description will follow in a subsequent version.



signature(x = "Evaluation", y="missing"): returns a boxplot of the result


signature(x = "EvaluationList", y="missing"): regroups the list according to the different columns/coordinates of the result of the evaluation; for each such coordinate a boxplot is generated containing possibly several procedures and if evaluated at a Contsimulation object also grouped into evaluations on ideal and real data. The plot-arguments main and ylim may be transmitted coordinatewise (i.e.; a vector of length (result-dimension), respectively a 2 x (result-dimension) matrix) or globally, using the usual recycling rules.

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