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distillery: Methods to Distill Information from R Objects


distillery contains primarily method functions to distill out pertinent information from R objects, as well as to compute confidence intervals. It now also contains new fairly general bootstrap functions.


Primary functions include:

distill: Typically, to distill pertinent information from a complicated (usually a list) object and return a named vector.

ci: Calculate confidence intervals. This is a method function for calculating confidence intervals. Includes methods for numeric vectors and matrices, whereby the mean is taken (column-wise for matrices) and normal approximation confidence intervals for the mean are calculated and returned.

booter, pbooter and tibber: Functions to perform bootstrap resampling that work with ci (booter and pbooter). Allows for m < n bootstrap resampling, circular block bootstrapping, parametric bootstrap resampling (pbooter), and the test-inversion bootstrap approach (tibber).


Eric Gilleland


## See help files for above named functions and datasets
## for specific examples.

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