predict_ICE.Plotter {distillML}R Documentation

Prediction Function for ICE Plots


Gives predictions at each point on the grid.


predict_ICE.Plotter(object, features = NULL, save = TRUE)



The Interpeter object to use.


A vector with the names of the features to predict ICE plots for


A boolean indicator to indicate whether the calculations should be saved in the interpreter object or not. This can help reduce computation if the ICE functions are used many times, but requires additional memory to store the predictions. By default, this is TRUE.


A list of data frames, one for each feature. In each data frame, the first column contains the grid values for the feature, and each subsequent column has a single observation corresponding to the prediction of the model when with the given feature set to that grid point value.


This method is meant to primarily be used to find the exact values for the ICE curves plotted. Note that after the PDP curve is plotted, the returned object of this function will be the saved predictions for plotting the curve, rather than a recalculation of the values.

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