A Pipeline to Analyze Resistance and Tolerance from Drug Disk Diffusion Assays

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Documentation for package ‘diskImageR’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

addType Add factor column
aggregateData Averages photographs of the same type
calcMIC Convert RAD to MIC based on built-in or provided parameters or datasets
createDataframe Dataframe creation
IJMacro Run an imageJ analysis macro on the folder that contains the photograph to be analyzed
maxLik Maximum Likelihood Inference
oneParamPlot Used to plot a single parameter
plotRaw Used to plot the results of the imageJ analysis
readExistingDF Read in an existing dataframe using the tcltk interface
readInExistingIJ Used to read in existing imageJ analyses
saveMLParam Save maximum likelihood output
threeParamPlot Used to plot the RAD, slope and FoG parameter results
twoParamPlot Used to plot the RAD and FoG results