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Diff Objects


Compare either the printed or str screen representation of R objects depending on which is estimated to produce the most useful diff. The selection process tries to minimize screen lines while maximizing differences shown subject to display constraints. The decision algorithm is likely to evolve over time, so do not rely on this function making a particular selection under specific circumstances. Instead, use diffPrint or diffStr if you require one or the other output.


diffObj(target, current, ...)



the reference object


the object being compared to target


unused, for compatibility of methods with generics


a Diff object; see diffPrint.

See Also

diffPrint for details on the diff* methods, diffStr, diffChr to compare character vectors directly diffDeparse to compare deparsed objects, ses for a minimal and fast diff


## `pager="off"` for CRAN compliance; you may omit in normal use
diffObj(letters, c(letters[1:10], LETTERS[11:26]), pager="off")
with(mtcars, diffObj(lm(mpg ~ hp)$qr, lm(mpg ~ disp)$qr, pager="off"))

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