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Calculates Confidence Intervals for two Dependent Proportions


The package includes functions to calculate confidence intervals for the difference of dependent proportions. There are two functions implemented to edit the data (dichotomising with the help of cutpoints, counting accordance and discordance of two tests or situations). For the calculation of the confidence intervals entries of the fourfold table are needed.


Package: diffdepprop
Type: Package
Version: 0.1-9
Date: 2013-05-03
License: GPL>=2


Daniela Wenzel, Antonia Zapf

Maintainer: Daniela Wenzel <dani-wenzel@gmx.net>


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# a=10, b=15, c=5, d=20, n=50, type I error is 0.05
wilson = wilson(10,15,5,20,50,0.05)
# b=15, c=5, n=50, type I error is 0.05
exact.cond = exact.cond(15, 5, 50, 0.05)

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