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Responses and Response Times to 10 Extraversion Items


These data comprise responses (first 10 columns labelled 'X[]') and response times (next 10 columns labelled 'T[]') of 146 subjects to 10 extraversion items with a binary answer scale. Each item consists of a particular habit, e.g., 'active' and 'noisy'. Subjects were asked to indicate whether (yes/no) these habits are applicable to their personalities. Response times are in seconds.


The specific habits for the 10 items are (translated from Dutch):

item 1


item 2


item 3


item 4


item 5


item 6


item 7


item 8


item 9


item 10



Molenaar, D., Tuerlinkcx, F., & van der Maas, H.L.J. (2015). Fitting Diffusion Item Response Theory Models for Responses and Response Times Using the R Package diffIRT. Journal of Statistical Software, 66(4), 1-34. URL http://www.jstatsoft.org/v66/i04/.


x=extraversion[,1:10]             # responses, 0 for 'no', 1 for 'yes'
rt=extraversion[,11:20]           # response times in seconds

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