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Analyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error


Models for analyzing site occupancy and count data models with detection error, including single-visit based models, conditional distance sampling and time-removal models. Package development was supported by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute ( and the Boreal Avian Modelling Project (


svocc: single visit occupancy model (Lele et al. 2011, Moreno et al. 2010).

svabu: single visit abundance model based on conditional maximum likelihood (Solymos et al. 2012, Solymos and Lele 2016, Denes et al. 2016).

cmulti: conditional multinomial maximum likelihood estimation for removal and (point count) distance sampling, efficient and flexible setup for varying methodologies (Solymos et al. 2013, Solymos et al. 2018).


Peter Solymos, Monica Moreno, Subhash R Lele

Maintainer: Peter Solymos <>


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