variableNumber {designGG}R Documentation

Compute the number of variables in the experiment


When nEnvFactors = 1 and nLevels = 1, there is no environmetal pertubation in the experimental. Then we re-define nEnvFactors to be 0 within the algorithm. nEnvFactors = 0, only genetic factor is considered.
nEnvFactors > 1, genetic and environmental facotrs, and all possible interacting factors are considered.


  variableNumber( nEnvFactors )



number of environmental factors, an integer.
When nEnvFactors is between 0 and 3, all main factors and interacting factors will be included.


nEnvFactors = 1, variableNumber = 3 (one genetic factor Q, one environmental factor F, and one interacting factor QxF)
nEnvFactors = 2, variableNumber = 7
nEnvFactors = 3, variableNumber = 15


Yang Li <>, Gonzalo Vera <>
Rainer Breitling <>, Ritsert Jansen <>


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Y. Li, M. Swertz, G. Vera, J. Fu, R. Breitling, and R.C. Jansen. designGG: An R-package and Web tool for the optimal design of genetical genomics experiments. BMC Bioinformatics 10:188(2009)

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