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Example ConditionDesignTable data


exampleConditionDesignTable: Example data of exampleConditionDesignTable for a hypothetical dual-channel microarray experiment in which there are 100 strains (e.g. recombinant inbred lines ) and 27 arrays available. Two environmental factors (temperature and cell type) are considered in this experiment. There are three levels for temperature (15, 24 and 29) and four levels for cell types (A, B, C, D). This table tells how to allocate samples into 12 (=3*4) different conditions. On average there are 4.5 (27*2/12) samples per condition.

> data(exampleConditionDesignTable)
> exampleConditionDesignTable[1:5,]
Temperature Cell Type Selected Strains
condition1 15 A Strain28 Strain81 Strain18 Strain61
condition2 24 A Strain72 Strain40 Strain83 Strain44 Strain10
condition3 29 A Strain22 Strain89 Strain3 Strain30 Strain58
condition4 15 B Strain70 Strain47 Strain4 Strain59
condition5 24 B Strain93 Strain97 Strain49 Strain14




exampleConditionDesignTable: 12 combination of conditions from three temepratures and four cell types.


Yang Li <yang.li@rug.nl>, Gonzalo Vera <gonzalo.vera.rodriguez@gmail.com>
Rainer Breitling <r.breitling@rug.nl>, Ritsert Jansen <r.c.jansen@rug.nl>


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