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Adjusted Institutions and Elections Project Data (V2.0)


A pre-processed and amended subset of the Institutions and Elections Project Data (V2.0) dataset.




An 8 column, 10648 row, data.table where each row is a country-year:


Country name.


The numeric Correlates of War country code.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3 character country code.


Numeric year.


Binary indicator if constitution exists.


Binary indicator if constitution was in effect on January 1 of the specified year.


Numeric value specifying number of years the current constitution has been in effect as of January 1.


Numeric value specifying number of consecutive years a constitution has been in effect without interruptions as of January 1.



This dataset was constructed after detecting numerous and egregious inconsistencies in the official dataset. We discovered several errors for the coding of constitutions and constitutional ages in the original dataset. This subset contains manual fixes using multiple sources for constitutional data.These corrections were carried out by Lisa Emmer under guidance from Joshua Brinks and Thomas Parris. For additional information regarding the official IAEP (V2) dataset refer to the user manual.

If you are hesitant to use our adjusted dataset, you might consider using Constitutes' Chronology of Constitutional Events (CCE). You could construct a constitutional stability counter with CCE data using counter functions like Base R's rle() or data.table's data.table::rleid().

Amendment References

Edits to the original IAEP (V2.0) dataset were determined by reviewing several constitutional databases and news articles. Some are not listed below, because the websites are no longer available, but the currently available sources include:

See Also

The original dataset release was accompanied by a peer reviewed manuscript:

Wig, T., Hegre, H., & Regan, P. M. (2015). Updated data on institutions and elections 1960–2012: Presenting the IAEP dataset version 2.0. Research & Politics, 2(2). doi:10.1177/2053168015579120.

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