Interfacing with Popular Polity, Institutional, and Constitutional Datasets

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Documentation for package ‘demcon’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

cow_index CoW States Index
cow_iso_clean Clean Up 'countrycode::countrycode()' CoW > ISO3 conversion.
cshp_mult Mapping cshapes Multiples
get_cce Retrieve Chronology of Constitutional Events Dataset
get_polity5 Retrieve the Polity5 Dataset
get_vdem Download V-Dem (Current Version)
hci Horizontal Constraints Index (HCI)
iaepv2_adj Adjusted Institutions and Elections Project Data (V2.0)
multi_sub Multiple Column Subset
p5_reg_cat Code Polity Regime Classification
plot.cce Plotting Method for CCE Object
plot.cshp_mult Plot A cshapes Multiple
prep_cce Pre-Process Chronology of Constitutional Events (CCE) Data
prep_vdem Prepare V-Dem Data
range01 Standardize a Variable to 0-1
vci Vertical Constraints Index (VCI)
vdem_vci_hci Vertical and Horizontal Constraints Indices