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Calculation of Delta R Values


Computes the regional correction factor of 14C age offset in marine-derived samples (Delta R). This is possible with the recently established “marine13” calibration curve and the 'BchronCalibrate' function from the 'Bchron' package. The algorithm of Delta R computation includes four steps: measure radiocarbon age of a marine sample; identify its true age; compute its modeled radiocarbon age corresponding to the true age; and finally calculate the difference between its measured and modeled radiocarbon ages. This package has functions that compute Delta R with three methods: by using marine samples with known collection dates (before 1950s), usually molluscan shells from museum collections, (function dr_shell()); by measuring other radioactive isotopes, mainly uranium-thorium (230Th/234U), ratio (dr_pair() function and the “pair” method in the dr_df() function); and finally by using a pair of coeval samples, one being marine and the other terrestrial (dr_pair() function and the “pair” method for the dr_df() function as well). Usually such samples originate from archaeological sites where the context, in which paired samples were found, is taken as a guarantee of their synchronicity.
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deltar functions

dr_shell for marine samples with known collection date, dr_pair for a sample which has its true age identified, dr_df for a set of dates contained in a data frame, and dr_plot for plotting Delta R values from a list produced by dr_df

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