Create FDA-Style Data and Program Definitions

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Documentation for package ‘define’ version 0.2.9

Help Pages

define-package Create FDA-style dataset and program definitions.
as.define Coerce to Define
as.define.spec Coerce to Define
as.document.define Coerce to Document from Define
as.document.submission Coerce a submission object to a document.
as.labeled Coerce to class labeled.
as.labeled.character Coerce to class labeled. Coerce data.frame to labeled.
as.pdf.define Coerce to PDF from Define
as.submission Create a submission.
as.submission.character Create a submission.
as.submission.submission Coerce a submission to class submission.
as.tabular.define Coerce to Tabular from Define
as.xport Coerce to class xport.
as.xport.labeled Coerce to class xport.
define Define objects per FDA guidance.
define.character Define objects per FDA guidance.
makesasnames Make names for a dataset that are unique and follow SAS naming conventions.
recode Recode an encoded object.
recode.character Recode an encoded object.