Identifies Signatures Present in a Tumor Sample

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Documentation for package ‘deconstructSigs’ version 1.8.0

Help Pages

deconstructSigs-package deconstructSigs
deconstructSigs deconstructSigs
example.output Example output of whichSignatures()
makePie Plots the weights from whichSignatures() Converts mutation list to correct input format
plotSignatures Plots the result from whichSignatures()
plotTumor Plots a tumor profile
randomly.generated.tumors Values for 100 randomly generated tumor samples
sample.mut.ref Example input to
signatures.cosmic Published Signatures from Sanger COSMIC
signatures.nature2013 Published Signatures from Alexandrov et al 2013
tri.counts.exome The counts of every trinuclotide frequency in an exome
tri.counts.genome The counts of every trinuclotide frequency in a genome Converts a VCF file to correct input format
whichSignatures Which signatures are present