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Get sample data


These functions return sample data files or folders and can be used to load ddPCR plates with sample data. They are used primarily in the documentation examples, but you can also use them for learning purposes. There are two sample datasetes: a small dataset and a large dataset. The small dataset contains the full raw data, but the large dataset only includes the processed data because the raw data would be too large.

sample_data_dir: get the directory of the small or large sample dataset
sample_data_file: get path to one of the data files in the small sample dataset
sample_results_file: get path to the results file of the small sample dataset
sample_plate: get the ddpcr plate object containing the data of the small or large dataset





sample_plate(size = c("small", "large"))



The dataset to retrieve, either "small" or "large"


plate1 <- new_plate(dir = sample_data_dir())
plate2 <- new_plate(data_files = sample_data_file(), meta_file = sample_results_file())
plate3 <- sample_plate()

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