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Plate parameters


Every ddPCR plate object has adjustable parameters associated with it. Each parameter belongs to a category of parameters, and has a unique name. For example, there are general parameters (category 'GENERAL') that apply to the plate as a whole, and each analysis step has its own set of parameters that are used for the algorithm in that step.

You can either view all parameters of a plate by not providing any arguments, view all parameters in a category by providing the category, or view the value of a specific parameter by providing both the category and the parameter name.


params(plate, category, name)

params(plate, category, name) <- value



A ddPCR plate


Category of parameters


Parameter name


New parameter value


Setting new parameter values should only be done by advanced users. Note that if you change any parameters, you need to re-run the analysis in order for the parameter changes to take effect.

Tip: it can be easier to visually inspect the parameters by wrapping the return value in a str().

Warning: Do not directly set the GENERAL-X_VAR or GENERAL-Y_VAR parameters. Instead, use x_var or y_var.


If no category is provided, return all parameters. If a category is provided, return all parameters in that category. If both a category and a name are provided, return the value of the specific parameter.

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## Not run: 
plate <- new_plate(sample_data_dir())

# retrieving plate parameters
str(params(plate, 'GENERAL'))
params(plate, 'GENERAL', 'RANDOM_SEED')

# setting plate parameters
params(plate, 'GENERAL', 'RANDOM_SEED') <- 10
str(params(plate, 'GENERAL'))

## End(Not run)

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