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Backend: SQL server


See vignette("translation-function") and vignette("translation-verb") for details of overall translation technology. Key differences for this backend are:

Use simulate_mssql() with lazy_frame() to see simulated SQL without converting to live access database.


simulate_mssql(version = "15.0")



Version of MS SQL to simulate. Currently only, difference is that 15.0 and above will use TRY_CAST() instead of CAST().

Bit vs boolean

SQL server uses two incompatible types to represent TRUE and FALSE values:

dbplyr does its best to automatically create the correct type when needed, but can't do it 100% correctly because it does not have a full type inference system. This means that you many need to manually do conversions from time to time.


library(dplyr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)

lf <- lazy_frame(a = TRUE, b = 1, c = 2, d = "z", con = simulate_mssql())
lf %>% head()
lf %>% transmute(x = paste(b, c, d))

# Can use boolean as is:
lf %>% filter(c > d)
# Need to convert from boolean to bit:
lf %>% transmute(x = c > d)
# Can use boolean as is:
lf %>% transmute(x = ifelse(c > d, "c", "d"))

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