Goodness-of-fit and two sample comparison tests using sample entropy

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Documentation for package ‘dbEmpLikeGOF’ version 1.2.4

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dbEmpLikeGOF-package Empirical Likelihood Goodness Of Fit Tests
Baby Baby Dataset
baby Baby Dataset
babyTable Baby Dataset
data TBARS Dataset
dbEmpLikeGOF Density Based Empirical Likelihood Goodness of Fit
distEqCut Pvalue Data Tables
EmpLikeGOF Empirical Likelihood Goodness Of Fit Tests
normCut Pvalue Data Tables
returnCutoff Estimates the statistic cutoff for a target alpha
Snow Snow Dataset
snow Snow Dataset
Tbars TBARS Dataset
testmat Pvalue Data Tables
unifCut Pvalue Data Tables
x1 TBARS Dataset
y1 TBARS Dataset