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Publish dataset


Publish/release Dataverse dataset


  minor = TRUE,
  key = Sys.getenv("DATAVERSE_KEY"),
  server = Sys.getenv("DATAVERSE_SERVER"),



A character specifying a persistent identification ID for a dataset, for example "doi:10.70122/FK2/HXJVJU". Alternatively, an object of class “dataverse_dataset” obtained by dataverse_contents().


A logical specifying whether the new release of the dataset is a “minor” release (TRUE, by default), resulting in a minor version increase (e.g., from 1.1 to 1.2). If FALSE, the dataset is given a “major” release (e.g., from 1.1 to 2.0).


A character string specifying a Dataverse server API key. If one is not specified, functions calling authenticated API endpoints will fail. Keys can be specified atomically or globally using Sys.setenv("DATAVERSE_KEY" = "examplekey").


A character string specifying a Dataverse server. Multiple Dataverse installations exist, with "" being the most major. The server can be defined each time within a function, or it can be set as a default via an environment variable. To set a default, run Sys.setenv("DATAVERSE_SERVER" = "") or add ⁠DATAVERSE_SERVER = "⁠ in one's .Renviron file (usethis::edit_r_environ()), with the appropriate domain as its value.


Additional arguments passed to an HTTP request function, such as GET, POST, or DELETE.


Use this function to “publish” (i.e., publicly release) a draft Dataverse dataset. This creates a publicly visible listing of the dataset, accessible by its DOI, with a numbered version. This action cannot be undone. There are no requirements for what constitutes a major or minor release, but a minor release might be used to update metadata (e.g., a new linked publication) or the addition of supplemental files. A major release is best used to reflect a substantial change to the dataset, such as would require a published erratum or a substantial change to data or code.


A list.

See Also

get_dataset, publish_dataverse


## Not run: 
meta <- list()
ds <- create_dataset("mydataverse", body = meta)

## End(Not run)

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