add_file {dataverse}R Documentation

Add file (SWORD)


Add one or more files to a SWORD (possibly unpublished) dataset


  key = Sys.getenv("DATAVERSE_KEY"),
  server = Sys.getenv("DATAVERSE_SERVER"),



A dataset DOI (or other persistent identifier), an object of class “dataset_atom” or “dataset_statement”, or an appropriate and complete SWORD URL.


A character vector of file names, a data.frame, or a list of R objects.


A character string specifying a Dataverse server API key. If one is not specified, functions calling authenticated API endpoints will fail. Keys can be specified atomically or globally using Sys.setenv("DATAVERSE_KEY" = "examplekey").


A character string specifying a Dataverse server. Multiple Dataverse installations exist, with "" being the most major. The server can be defined each time within a function, or it can be set as a default via an environment variable. To set a default, run Sys.setenv("DATAVERSE_SERVER" = "") or add ⁠DATAVERSE_SERVER = "⁠ in one's .Renviron file (usethis::edit_r_environ()), with the appropriate domain as its value.


Additional arguments passed to an HTTP request function, such as GET, POST, or DELETE.


This function is used to add files to a dataset. It is part of the SWORD API, which is used to upload data to a Dataverse server. This means this can be used to view unpublished Dataverses and Datasets.

As of Dataverse v4.6.1, the “native” API also provides endpoints to add and update files without going through the SWORD workflow. This functionality is provided by add_dataset_file and update_dataset_file.


An object of class “dataset_atom”.

See Also

Managing a Dataverse: publish_dataverse; Managing a dataset: dataset_atom, list_datasets, create_dataset, delete_dataset, publish_dataset; Managing files within a dataset: add_file, delete_file


## Not run: 
# retrieve your service document
d <- service_document()

# create a list of metadata
metadat <- list(title = "My Study",
                creator = "Doe, John",
                description = "An example study")

# create the dataset
dat <- initiate_sword_dataset("mydataverse", body = metadat)

# add files to dataset
tmp <- tempfile()
write.csv(iris, file = tmp)
f <- add_file(dat, file = tmp)

# publish dataset

# delete a dataset

## End(Not run)

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