isAuthValid {dataone}R Documentation

Verify authentication for a member node.


The currently used DataONE client authentication method (either tokens or X.509 certificates) is checked and verified for the specified node (either CN or MN). If an authentication token is available via the R options facility, it will be used i.e. available via getOption("dataone_token"). However, authentication tokens can only be used for DataONE v2 or higher nodes. X.509 certificates can be used with DataONE v1 or higher nodes. See the "dataone" vignette "dataone-overview" for more information on authentication.


isAuthValid(.Object, ...)

## S4 method for signature 'AuthenticationManager'
isAuthValid(.Object, node)



An AuthenticationManager instance


additional parameters


The node object (MNode or CNode) that authentication is being checked for.


A logical value: TRUE if authentication is valid, false if not.

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