getDataPackage {dataone}R Documentation

Download data from the DataONE Federation as a DataPackage.


This is convenience method that will download all the members in a DataONE data package and insert them into a DataPackage, including associated SystemMetadata for each package member.


getDataPackage(x, identifier, ...)

## S4 method for signature 'D1Client'
  lazyLoad = FALSE,
  limit = "1MB",
  quiet = TRUE,
  checksumAlgorithm = as.character(NA)



A D1Client object.


The identifier of a package, package metadata or other package member


(not yet used)


A logical value. If TRUE, then only package member system metadata is downloaded and not data. The default is FALSE.


A character value specifying maximum package member size to download. Specified with "KB", "MB" or "TB" for example: "100KB", "10MB", "20GB", "1TB". The default is "1MB". Only takes effect if 'lazyLoad=FALSE'.


A 'logical'. If TRUE (the default) then informational messages will not be printed.


A character value specifying the algorithm to use to re-calculate (after download) the system metadata checksum for the object's data bytes for example: "SHA-256". The default is "NA", which specifies that this re-calculation will not be performed.


A 'data package' that resides on a DataONE member node is defined as a collection of digital objects that are described by a metadata document.

The lazyLoad parameter controls whether the data bytes for a DataONE package member are downloaded (the system metadata is always downloaded). When lazyLoad=FALSE, the limit parameter can be used to specify the maximum size of a data file that will be downloaded. If lazyLoad is TRUE, then limit is ignored. The lazyLoad and limit parameters can be used together in the following ways:

'lazyLoad' 'limit' result comments
---------- ------- ------ ---------------------
TRUE Any value Data bytes are not downloaded The 'limit' parameter is ignored
FALSE Not specified Data bytes are download if less than 1MB The default 'limit' of 1MB is used
FALSE 10MB Data bytes are downloaded if less than 10MB The specified 'limit' values is used


A DataPackage or NULL if the package was not found in DataONE

See Also

D1Client class description.


## Not run: 
d1c <- D1Client("PROD", "urn:node:KNB")
pid <- "solson.5.1"
pkg <- getDataPackage(d1c, pid)

## End(Not run)

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