AuthenticationManager-class {dataone}R Documentation

Manage DataONE authentication.


AuthenticationManager provides mechanisms to validate DataONE authentication, when either a DataONE authentication token or X.509 Certificate is used.


Understanding how your identity is managed is important for working with DataONE, especially to avoid unexpected results. For example, depending your authorization status, searches may return only public records, or the full set of public and private records. Object and package retrievals might fail if some or all of the objects being retrieved are private. Creating or updating objects on DataONE nodes and reserving identifiers might fail if your authorization credentials are missing or expired.

DataONE version 1.0 identifies you using CILogon-provided x509 certificates. DataONE has partnered with CILogon to provide a widely-accessible certificate issuing mechanism that allows DataONE users to use existing trusted institutional and public accounts.

DataONE version 2.0 provides an addition authentication mechanism known as authentication tokens. For information about tokens and instructions for generating a token for use with the dataone R package, view the overview document by entering the command: 'vignette("dataone-overview")'. DataONE authentication tokens can be obtained by signing in to your DataONE account at

CILogon recognizes many identity providers, including many universities as well as Google, so most times users new to DataONE can get certificates using one of their existing accounts. For more information about the CILogon service, see .



Value of type "character" Is authentication disabled (obscured)?


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