AbstractTableDescriber-class {dataone}R Documentation

Base Class for Specific Metadata Parsers


Classes that inherit from this class provide the format-specific ways to provide read.csv with parsing instructions.


This class defines the generic methods metadata parser classes need to implement to allow proper parsing of tabular data objects. Subclasses should: 1. provide method implementations for all generics 2. register the class to the tableDescriber.registry for the formats they claim to parse. 3. provide a 'constructor' method that accepts a D1Object as the first argument - the D1Object will be the metadata object to be parsed

For example, the EMLParser registers itself as a handler for eml v2.0.0 - v2.1.1 with the following.

if (!exists("tableDescriber.registry")) tableDescriber.registry <- list() tableDescriber.registry[[ "eml://ecoinformatics.org/eml-2.0.0" ]] <- "EMLParser" tableDescriber.registry[[ "eml://ecoinformatics.org/eml-2.0.1" ]] <- "EMLParser" tableDescriber.registry[[ "eml://ecoinformatics.org/eml-2.1.0" ]] <- "EMLParser" tableDescriber.registry[[ "eml://ecoinformatics.org/eml-2.1.1" ]] <- "EMLParser"

Note that the key in the list is the DataONE formatIdentifier that can be found at "https://cn.dataone.org/cn/v2/formats".

Subclass implementers should conform their methods to the behavior defined in the generic.



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