datanugget-package {datanugget}R Documentation

Data Nuggets


This package contains functions to create and refine data nuggets which serve as representative samples of large datasets. The functions which perform these processes are create.DN, refine.DN, and AC, respectively.


Traymon Beavers, Javier Cabrera, Mariusz Lubomirski


Cherasia, K. E., Cabrera, J., Fernholz, L. T., & Fernholz, R. (2022). Data Nuggets in Supervised Learning. In Robust and Multivariate Statistical Methods: Festschrift in Honor of David E. Tyler (pp. 429-449). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Beavers, T., Cheng, G., Duan, Y., Cabrera, J., Lubomirski, M., Amaratunga, D., Teigler, J. (2023). Data Nuggets: A Method for Reducing Big Data While Preserving Data Structure (Submitted for Publication)

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