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DatePickerSingle component


DatePickerSingle is a tailor made component designed for selecting a single day off of a calendar. The DatePicker integrates well with the Python datetime module with the startDate and endDate being returned in a string format suitable for creating datetime objects. This component is based off of Airbnb's react-dates react component which can be found here: https://github.com/airbnb/react-dates


dccDatePickerSingle(id=NULL, date=NULL, min_date_allowed=NULL,
max_date_allowed=NULL, initial_visible_month=NULL,
day_size=NULL, calendar_orientation=NULL, is_RTL=NULL,
placeholder=NULL, reopen_calendar_on_clear=NULL,
number_of_months_shown=NULL, with_portal=NULL,
with_full_screen_portal=NULL, first_day_of_week=NULL,
stay_open_on_select=NULL, show_outside_days=NULL,
month_format=NULL, display_format=NULL, disabled=NULL,
clearable=NULL, style=NULL, className=NULL,
loading_state=NULL, persistence=NULL, persisted_props=NULL,



Character. The ID of this component, used to identify dash components in callbacks. The ID needs to be unique across all of the components in an app.


Character. Specifies the starting date for the component, best practice is to pass value via datetime object


Character. Specifies the lowest selectable date for the component. Accepts datetime.datetime objects or strings in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'


Character. Specifies the highest selectable date for the component. Accepts datetime.datetime objects or strings in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'


Character. Specifies the month that is initially presented when the user opens the calendar. Accepts datetime.datetime objects or strings in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD'


Numeric. Size of rendered calendar days, higher number means bigger day size and larger calendar overall


A value equal to: 'vertical', 'horizontal'. Orientation of calendar, either vertical or horizontal. Valid options are 'vertical' or 'horizontal'.


Logical. Determines whether the calendar and days operate from left to right or from right to left


Character. Text that will be displayed in the input box of the date picker when no date is selected. Default value is 'Start Date'


Logical. If True, the calendar will automatically open when cleared


Numeric. Number of calendar months that are shown when calendar is opened


Logical. If True, calendar will open in a screen overlay portal, not supported on vertical calendar


Logical. If True, calendar will open in a full screen overlay portal, will take precedent over 'withPortal' if both are set to True, not supported on vertical calendar


A value equal to: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Specifies what day is the first day of the week, values must be from [0, ..., 6] with 0 denoting Sunday and 6 denoting Saturday


Logical. If True the calendar will not close when the user has selected a value and will wait until the user clicks off the calendar


Logical. If True the calendar will display days that rollover into the next month


Character. Specifies the format that the month will be displayed in the calendar, valid formats are variations of "MM YY". For example: "MM YY" renders as '05 97' for May 1997 "MMMM, YYYY" renders as 'May, 1997' for May 1997 "MMM, YY" renders as 'Sep, 97' for September 1997


Character. Specifies the format that the selected dates will be displayed valid formats are variations of "MM YY DD". For example: "MM YY DD" renders as '05 10 97' for May 10th 1997 "MMMM, YY" renders as 'May, 1997' for May 10th 1997 "M, D, YYYY" renders as '07, 10, 1997' for September 10th 1997 "MMMM" renders as 'May' for May 10 1997


Logical. If True, no dates can be selected.


Logical. Whether or not the dropdown is "clearable", that is, whether or not a small "x" appears on the right of the dropdown that removes the selected value.


Named list. CSS styles appended to wrapper div


Character. Appends a CSS class to the wrapper div component.


Lists containing elements 'is_loading', 'prop_name', 'component_name'. those elements have the following types: - is_loading (logical; optional): determines if the component is loading or not - prop_name (character; optional): holds which property is loading - component_name (character; optional): holds the name of the component that is loading. Object that holds the loading state object coming from dash-renderer


Logical | character | numeric. Used to allow user interactions in this component to be persisted when the component - or the page - is refreshed. If 'persisted' is truthy and hasn't changed from its previous value, a 'date' that the user has changed while using the app will keep that change, as long as the new 'date' also matches what was given originally. Used in conjunction with 'persistence_type'.


List of a value equal to: 'date's. Properties whose user interactions will persist after refreshing the component or the page. Since only 'date' is allowed this prop can normally be ignored.


A value equal to: 'local', 'session', 'memory'. Where persisted user changes will be stored: memory: only kept in memory, reset on page refresh. local: window.localStorage, data is kept after the browser quit. session: window.sessionStorage, data is cleared once the browser quit.


named list of JSON elements corresponding to React.js properties and their values


if (interactive() && require(dash)) {

    app <- Dash$new()

        id = "date-picker-single",
        date = as.Date("1997/5/10")


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