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Generate PSA Sample


gen_psa_samp generates a data.frame of sampled parameter values from user-specified distributions to be used in a probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA)


  params = NULL,
  dists = c("normal", "log-normal", "truncated-normal", "beta", "gamma", "dirichlet",
    "bootstrap", "constant", "triangle"),
  parameterization_types = c("mean, sd", "a, b", "shape, scale",
    "value, mean_prop, sd", "value, n", "value, alpha", "mean, sd, ll, ul", "val",
    "meanlog, sdlog", "ll, ul, mode"),
  dists_params = NULL,
  nsamp = 100



string vector with the names of parameters to be generated by gen_psa_samp and used by a user-defined function in run_psa to calculate outcomes.


string vector with the distributions from which params will be drawn.


string vector with parameterization types for each dists


list of input parameters required to by specific dists and parameterization_types to fully describe distribution and generate parameter samples.


number of sets of parameter values to be generated


Length of vectors params, dists, parameterization_types, and list dists_params must all be the same. The nth element of dists, parameterization_types, and dists_params all define the distribution that will be used to draw samples of the corresponding nth element of the params vector.

For a given element of params:


A dataframe with samples of parameters for a probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA)

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#define parameter names
params <- c("normal_param", "lognorm_param", "truncnorm_param", "beta_param",
            "gamma_param", "dirichlet_param", "bootstrap_param")

#indicate parent distribution types for each parameter
dists <- c("normal", "log-normal", "truncated-normal", "beta", "gamma", "dirichlet", "bootstrap")

#indicate which type of parameterization is used for each parent distribution
parameterization_types <- c("mean, sd", "mean, sd", "mean, sd, ll, ul", "mean, sd", "mean, sd",
                          "value, mean_prop, sd", "value, weight")

#provide distribution parameters that fully define each parent distribution, and
#ensure that these distribution parameters match the form expected by each combination of dists
#and parameterization_types
dists_params <- list(c(1, 2), c(1, 3), c(1, 0.1, NA, 1), c(.5, .2), c(100, 1),
                   data.frame(value = c("level1", "level2", "level3"),
                              mean_prop = c(.1, .4, .5), sd = c(.05, .01, .1)),
                   data.frame(value = c(1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8),
                              weight = c(1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 4)))

#generate 100 samples of parameter values to be used in a probabilistic sensitivity analysis
gen_psa_samp(params = params,
             dists = dists,
             parameterization_types = parameterization_types,
             dists_params = dists_params,
             nsamp = 100)

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