proj2.eigen {dae}R Documentation

Canonical efficiency factors and eigenvectors in joint decomposition of two projectors


Computes the canonical efficiency factors for the joint decomposition of two projectors and the eigenvectors corresponding to the first projector (James and Wilkinson, 1971).


proj2.eigen(Q1, Q2)



An object of class "projector".


An object of class "projector".


The component efficiencies is a vector containing the nonzero canonical efficiency factors for the joint decomposition of the two projectors. The nonzero canonical efficiency factors are the nonzero eigenvalues of Q1 %*% Q2 %*% Q1 (James and Wilkinson, 1971). An eigenvalue is regarded as zero if it is less than daeTolerance, which is initially set to .Machine$double.eps ^ 0.5 (about 1.5E-08). The function set.daeTolerance can be used to change daeTolerance.

The component eigenvectors is an n x r matrix, where n is the order of the projectors and r is the number of nonzero canonical efficiency factors; it contains the eigenvectors of Q1 corresponding to the nonzero canonical efficiency factors. The eigenvectors for Q2 can be obtained by premultiplying those for Q1 by Q2.


A list with components efficiencies and eigenvectors.


Chris Brien


James, A. T. and Wilkinson, G. N. (1971) Factorization of the residual operator and canonical decomposition of nonorthogonal factors in the analysis of variance. Biometrika, 58, 279-294.

See Also

proj2.efficiency, proj2.combine in package dae, eigen.

projector for further information about this class.


## PBIBD(2) from p. 379 of Cochran and Cox (1957) Experimental Designs. 
## 2nd edn Wiley, New York
PBIBD2.unit <- list(Block = 6, Unit = 4)
PBIBD2.nest <- list(Unit = "Block")
trt <- factor(c(1,4,2,5, 2,5,3,6, 3,6,1,4, 4,1,5,2, 5,2,6,3, 6,3,4,1))
PBIBD2.lay <- designRandomize(allocated = trt, 
                              recipient = PBIBD2.unit, 
                              nested.recipients = PBIBD2.nest)

## obtain sets of projectors
unit.struct <- pstructure(~ Block/Unit, data = PBIBD2.lay)
trt.struct <- pstructure(~ trt, data = PBIBD2.lay)

## obtain intra- and inter-block decompositions
decomp.inter <- proj2.eigen(unit.struct$Q[["Block"]], trt.struct$Q[["trt"]])
decomp.intra <- proj2.eigen(unit.struct$Q[["Unit[Block]"]], trt.struct$Q[["trt"]])

#extract intrablock efficiencies

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